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Les Carroz is pushing ahead pt 2

There was an important meeting in Les Carroz last night (24/11/16). We had thought it was about the proposed developments (more on this below) but it was actually about the PLU. The PLU is certainly important but only really to land owners.

So I thought I’d take this opportunity to list the proposed projects for Les Carroz. This list is distinct from pt 1. Pt 1 was about recently completed projects, this list is for the future.


  • Pictured above the new pedestrianised centre with improved traffic flow (tbc)
  • State of the art medical centre (this has started);
  • A new 400m2 tourist office (tbc);
  • New leisure facility as an extension to that which exists already (pool and wellness complex, sports hall, tennis courts and accrobranche (GoApe) comprising a 9-hole golf course along with VTT trails and summer walks. This can be adapted in the winter for cross country skiing, biathlon and snow shoeing (tbc);
  • The Funiflaine (tbc). According to the local newspaper the proposal is still very much supported but a new feasibility study is being undertaken, with a new route.

The Funiflaine is an ambitious plan to connect the motorway with the skiing at Flaine. The estimated cost is 84m€, mostly from the state.  The idea is 3 fold.

  1. To cut down on traffic through Les Carroz
  2. To make getting to Flaine more “sustainable” or better for the environment. It’s a reasonable idea. This will save 28km of winding driving. This takes 40min on a good day. It can take many hours on a snowy Saturday in the ski season. The lift should take half that time. Currently 250,000 holiday makers and 2oo,000 day trippers make the trip by car. They’d like all these people to go on the lift!
  3. With the convenience and a big car park it’s likely to divert day trippers from going up the motorway to Megeve, St Gervais and Chamonix. This isn’t one of the stated aims. It’s an obvious plus for the Grand Massif though.

The most recent route that had been proposed was  via Le Lays (just below Les Carroz) and then up to Flaine. I guess this was mainly to keep the commune of Les Carroz on board.

A potential revision has been suggested that would be to go straight from Magland to Flaine. And for a separate lift to be built connecting the entrance to Les Carroz (at Le Lays) to the Grand Massif via the Les Carroz slopes.


The original plan is in red and the new plan in black. The motorway is on the left and Flaine on the right.

Watch this space – we’ll keep you informed on any further developments!



A ski lift from the motorway to Flaine?

This is an idea that has been around some time, it seems to be gaining momentum at the moment. Linking the Autoroute du Mont Blanc (Autoroute Blanche) to Les Carroz and Flaine.  8km long, 1300m of height gain, up to 2,000 people an hour, 5 stations, a pylon every kilometre (wow) all at a cost of 85 M €.


It’s obvious why the Grand Massif want to link via telecabine (a 3S) down to the autoroute at Magland . They’ll reduce the traffic up and down the road to Flaine, and they’ll improve their accessibility. They might even capture some of the traffic heading to Chamonix. Apparently it might happen by 2019.

It’s got plenty of support in Les Carroz.

There is a reportage here.


And a document here. (click on the image).


So if you want to speculate on the future, consider this place. If the project goes ahead it’ll be a 10 minute walk from one of the stopping off points.

La Cortiena Mountain Lodge, 895,000€

La Cortiena