A ski lift from the motorway to Flaine?

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This is an idea that has been around some time, it seems to be gaining momentum at the moment. Linking the Autoroute du Mont Blanc (Autoroute Blanche) to Les Carroz and Flaine.  8km long, 1300m of height gain, up to 2,000 people an hour, 5 stations, a pylon every kilometre (wow) all at a cost of 85 M €.


It’s obvious why the Grand Massif want to link via telecabine (a 3S) down to the autoroute at Magland . They’ll reduce the traffic up and down the road to Flaine, and they’ll improve their accessibility. They might even capture some of the traffic heading to Chamonix. Apparently it might happen by 2019.

It’s got plenty of support in Les Carroz.

There is a reportage here.


And a document here. (click on the image).


So if you want to speculate on the future, consider this place. If the project goes ahead it’ll be a 10 minute walk from one of the stopping off points.

La Cortiena Mountain Lodge, 895,000€

La Cortiena

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