An introduction to Alpine Prope

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Alpine Property started out in 1999, thanks to a chance meeting that resulted in one of the first web based estate agents being created in the Haute Savoie. Certainly the first to put all the property information online – as opposed to picture and a note that says “call us for more info”. We started off with 12 properties to sell in the Portes du Soleil, we now have over 400 across the region. They are all direct with us too, none of them are through other agents.

It was easy to be different in the early days, the competition now is 100 times what is was then. Our utter transparency still means we stand out from the rest though. We pinpoint the exact locations of our properties on a google map. We stay constantly up to date with new technology as it comes along and use it to stay ahead. We are also possibly unique in professionally translating all properties into French. Jordane Boury does an amazing job translating everything for us, her attention to detail is such that in French our website is written better and more grammatically correct than our English version. It’s a rare thing on the web, where language is being debased across the board.

A seminal moment for us was “La Crise“, otherwise known as the “Global Financial Crisis“, it hit home for us in 2008 when the property business across the world ground to a halt. Business stopped for a few months and gave us time to rethink where we were going. We made certain strategic changes to our business which has since enabled us to double in size.

Full details of each member of the team are available on our webpage at This picture was taken in the summer of 2015. It is missing Anna, Liz and Jo.

team photo