New Ski Lift News in Morzine and the Portes du Soleil

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Back in April 2009 I first wrote about the proposed lift linking Morzine to Prodains (and then Avoriaz)…AKA “l’Express Morzine-Avoriaz”. It was part of a clutch of integrated projects the Mairie was proposing. The Department’s application for the Winter Olympics failed and it was suggested the l’Express Morzine-Avoriaz would fall by the wayside with that.

In that earlier blog I listed the projects.

1. The current Prodains lift is due to be replaced, it is old, inefficient and some say it is condemned thanks to the fact it sits (just) within a rockfall zone. NOW DONE.

2. The whole of the Prodains area need redeveloping, it was too busy for the current infrastructure. SOME OF THIS WAS DONE AS PART OF #1.

3. The county (Haute Savoie) has just won the opportunity to bid to host the 2018 Winter Olympics. WE LOST OUT TO’s next year!

4. Avoriaz is just starting a fairly major expansion and remodelling. We have some of the new apartments for sale. NOW DONE.

However despite this the Morzine to Prodains project continued to chug along. In 2013 they produced a video presentation.


There have been various local objections but the Mairie and most everyone else I speak to is still behind it, last month a question and answer article appeared in one of the local papers.

In short the article says.

1 . The Express Morzine-Avoriaz will form part of a massive redevelopment on the parking area between the Post Office and the Rue du Bourg. This will include a new bus station, parking and social housing.

2 . The link will cut down on the 320 bus movements and speed up getting from Morzine to Avoriaz. It’s planned for 2020/21 and is projected to cost €50 million.

3 . The operating company for Avoriaz will pay for it.

4 . There are plans to extend Avoriaz beyond what was done in 2010, another 2,000 beds, thanks to Club Med and Pierre et Vacances.

So it is obviously still on the cards. Locally the Mairie is pushing the environmental and the business case. Both these arguments hold a lot of water with the local Regional government. In addition the Mayor is making the point that Morzine is in fact a business. Last year’s poor snow season is helping further this argument. For a skier staying in Morzine the quicker they can get to Avoriaz the better!

In other news.

The Swiss side of the Portes du Soleil reports 107 million CHF of planned investment over the next 10 years. More information here. Portes du Soleil pg 58

Les Gets Mairie has approved almost €9m of work for their area. The bulk of which is the replacement of the main Ranfolly chair. Portes du Soleil pg 54

The liaison from St Jean d’Aulps to Les Gets is still being discussed in the face of considerable environmental opposition.




3 thoughts on “New Ski Lift News in Morzine and the Portes du Soleil

  1. Raphael

    This is a new stupid idea. I really hope it never exists. We certainly don t need anymore contructions in Morzine, especially the ugly contructions that have been accepted and that looks like hifeous buildings.
    No more water in Avoriaz, The Montriond lac is nearly dry. Water is brought from Cote d’Arbroz.
    People want to build more in Morzine and Avoriaz. The mayor questions: how to find square meters to be built. People don t even come to the station, they just use it as an investment.
    there is already problem with water, so imagine the problem to have the fake snow.
    Why could it be accepted ?
    Of the three last mayors, 1 tried to kill himself twice, one is having judiciary problems with some notary group for strangley accepting some of the new constructions,….
    DISGUSTING. and you still find people in awe, pffff….

    1. Gareth Jefferies Post author

      Raphael, thanks for your comment. Your input is evidence that this plan is not universally supported. It is certainly a conundrum. We promote “nature” and the mountains but end up killing it at the same time!

      1. Raphael

        Right not a part of the inhabitants one the side of Morzine where they want to do that pole can t even live in there house because there re rocks that could fall as of November 2018. And this is even not the most dangerous part of the valley where they want to put that thing.
        Thre is currently an old lift for Super Morzine where they just need to change the arrival place and put it higher without endangering anybody etc…


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