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Total donated by Alpine Property so far 41 940€

We give 1% of our turnover to local groups dedicated to supporting our local environment . That’s 1% of everything, not just profit. We pay this out even if we make a loss. So if you work with us, 1% of the commission we charge you goes to supporting local environmental organisations.

These donations are audited by the French 1% for the Planet organisation. We started this in 2022, our first year has just been audited.

Donations in 2022

Montagne Verte12 100
Association un Rêve d’Abeilles7 600
Ecotrivelo3 100
1% for the planet1 200
Total24 640

First tranche of donations 2023, there is more to come

Montagne Verte8 500
Association un Rêve d’Abeilles5 400
Ecotrivelo2 200
1% for the planet1 200
Total17 300

So far we have supported 5 organisations.

Montagne Verte

Montagne Verte is a non-profit association funded by the community that serves with a simple mission; develop solutions for the local region to reduce its environmental impact. They envision a valley in which mountains, people and biodiversity thrive. A united community building a carbon neutral, sustainable future for all. They aim to inform, inspire, encourage and integrate with the community ; educate and support businesses to become more sustainable. The mountain is our playground, our home and our reason for living, they help people act to respect and preserve it.

More information about their work is here


Working with local mayors to encourage eco policies for the future, including organising an educational trip to Zermatt

  • Running a local second hand shop
  • Looking into improving cycling infrastructure
  • Running the bio-waste collection scheme
  • Lobbying for improved train connections to the Alps
  • Helping local businesses & residents to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Encouraging local businesses to give discounts to people that arrive by train through the AlpinExpress pass
  • Organising weekly food boxes using local producers

Association un Rêve d’Abeilles

Un Rêve d’Abeilles is dedicated to protecting pollinators (not just bees!). They run educational initiatives with schools, youth organisations (MJC’s), and other non-profits (associations). Through their projects, they create new habitats for bees while simultaneously raising awareness among these diverse audiences.

Their efforts involve organising intergenerational events that cater to people from various backgrounds, providing opportunities for bees to thrive in new environments. Additionally, they establish individual apiaries (bee hotels) as sanctuaries for domestic bees, allowing visitors to connect with both domestic and wild bee species. These locations serve not only as educational spaces featuring alternative hives and wild bee hotels but also as awareness-raising hubs with informative panels on everyday practices to support all pollinators.

Furthermore, their actions extend to the re-naturalisation of specific areas, fostering conditions to allow wild pollinators to flourish. This includes initiatives to relocate nests of wasps, bumblebees, and bees, contributing to the overall health and vitality of pollinator populations.

2023 report available here 


Ecotrivelo is an association that collects biowaste from various businesses in the Chamonix valley, including restaurants, hotels, bars, and canteens. The collected waste is composted locally, they have minimised their environmental impact through bicycle-powered collections. Since 2020, Ecotrivelo has successfully collected and processed 153 tons of biowaste.

Upon collection, the organic materials are stored in wooden composters within the valley. To enhance the composting process, dry matter sourced from local companies, such as Scierie Revilliod and atelier Rabbit on the Roof, is incorporated. Maintaining a careful balance between dry matter and organic matter (50/50 ratio) is crucial. The composters undergo regular mixing and monitoring several times a week to ensure optimal conditions.

Upon reaching full capacity, the composters are emptied to create windrows or mounds (known as “andains” or “buttes” in French), allowing the compost to rest. After a period of six months, the windrows are turned to facilitate aeration. This meticulous daily management ensures the compost’s high quality and balanced composition.

More information on their website



Established in 1996, Inspire is an association dedicated to improving air quality in the Mont-Blanc region and advocating for the protection of the environment, health, and climate. They consistently implement actions to ensure that the concerns voiced by local citizens are acknowledged by the authorities. In addition to these efforts, they actively engage in extensive public awareness campaigns and contribute to the development of proposals presented to elected officials and decision-makers. Their commitment extends to fostering a sustainable and healthier environment for the community.

In 2023, Inspire made proposals for the transfer of goods by train to elected officials, decision-makers and economic players, in the local and national media. They appeared on the following media channels:

  • Un dimanche en politique/ France 3 Alpes
  • La Terre au Carré / France Info
  • Radio Mont- Blanc
  • Le Messenger

Also they monitored the evolution of the negotiations of the new European Directive on air quality. And worked to monitor the application of the Arve Valley Atmosphere Protection Plan, PPA CL’AIR (Application du Plan de Protection de l’Atmosphère) and presented the progress to local associations.

In addition Inspire have organised:

  • Workshops on eco-mobility for school students from Passy and Cluses.
  • A conference on the automobile eco-guide in Fillinges.
  • A presentation of the new bus network in Chamonix.

More information here – https://inspire74.com/

1% for the Planet Organisation

1% for the Planet” is a global movement that encourages businesses and individuals to contribute at least 1% of their annual sales or income to environmental causes. The initiative was founded in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, the founder of outdoor clothing company Patagonia.

Companies that join the “1% for the Planet” commit to donating 1% of their annual revenue to approved environmental nonprofit organisations. The goal is to encourage businesses to take responsibility for their environmental impact and contribute to the protection and preservation of the planet. The funds raised through this initiative go toward various environmental projects, including conservation efforts, climate change mitigation, and biodiversity protection.

As you can see, we give an annual “subscription” of 1,200€, we would like to avoid giving money to fund “administration”. The 1% for the Planet France annual report fully details in 23 pages what they do for this and is available here.

Put simply:

  • 1% for the planet France oversees 10m € of donations to environmental projects etc
  • Their turnover is 2,25 m, about 700 000 € of that comes from subscriptions like ours.
  • 79% of the money they receive is distributed to environmental projects.
  • 17% goes on running their organisation.
  • That is 4% on running costs when you take into account the 10m€ they audit in total.
  • There are 1 000 companies in France doing as we do.
  • Worldwide there are over 5 000; outside of the US, France is the second largest member.

Since it was founded in 2002, 1% for the Planet has given over $585m to environmental organisations.

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