Questions and answers September 2023

We took part in a Webinar hosted by Lumon (currency specialists), we answered 22 questions about buying a property in the French Alps, these questions had been put forward by our audience.

The panel members were:

Gareth Jefferies – French Property Expert at Alpine Property
Fiona Watts – Finance specialist at IPF
Dennelle Taylor Nizoux – Visa specialist at Renestance
Jonathan Watson – Currency Specialist at LUMON

The full video is available on the video posted below. However you can jump to a relevant question by clicking on the time-stamps below.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 07:29 Looking for a property at altitude, do you have any advice?
  • 10:13 How easy is it to obtain a mortgage in France when self-employed?
  • 11:59 How do I obtain a long term visa for France, without becoming tax resident?
  • 15:08 What costs are added to the purchase price when buying in France?
  • 16:20 Why should I use a currency broker over the high street banks?
  • 19:19 Does a residency permit allow access to the EU schengen area over the current 90 and 180-day restrictions?
  • 20:34 Can UK Nationals obtain French mortgages?
  • 21:11 Can the French government help subsidise making your home more efficient?
  • 24:31 Does buying a French property through a company change the financing arrangements?
  • 26:21 Does France have a digital nomad visa?
  • 28:16 Do I need to engage an architect for a barn renovation in France?
  • 30:32 Can I get insurance that covers natural disasters when buying a property in the alps?
  • 33:47 How is affordability for a mortgage calculated in France? How much deposit will I need?
  • 36:42 How does a currency broker know the best time for clients to transfer their money?
  • 40:06 When Fiona says finance costs should not be more than ⅓ of income, is this before or after tax?
  • 41:02 Can you tell us where the new “up and coming” place is to invest in the Alps?
  • 43:04 It is being reported in the UK that France is going to tax British second home owners. Can you tell us about this please?
  • 46:05 If I have an Irish passport, can my husband and children (who do not) stay longer than 3 months?
  • 47:21 Do purchase chains exist in France?
  • 52:15 Can you give us an overview of the taxes involved when buying an investment property?
  • 54:57 What is your view about global warming and less snow in the winter?
  • 58:42 Do I need a visa if I am joining my family in France?

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